We know we’re great but here are a few words from some volunteers, school officials and students on the services we provide:



“The Youth Action Project tutors in our school have been a great benefit for us. The tutors come into our classrooms … and then they take the students out and work one on one with them. It has been a wonderful benefit in boosting the students’ scores in the CAHSEE so that more and more of our kids can graduate.”

Terri Owens, Vice Principal / Twilight Program, San Gorgonio High School

“One of the things I like the most is when the teacher is teaching and I don’t understand something, I just raise my hand and they [YAP tutors] come to me and they make it clearer for me and I understand it. The teachers don’t have enough time to go to each person when there’s 40 kids in a class.”

Yalien Garcia, Student, San Gorgonio High School

“ Working at YAP has helped me to become more confident in myself as a mentor and leader. I have gained classroom management skills and I am really close with my students. They make me care about what I’m doing. The students I work with are really great kids, they are ambitious and they make me feel like I’m making a difference as their mentor and leader. It makes me feel good. I feel productive and that makes me want to keep coming back”.

Andres Ayala-Patlan, YAP Member 2013-14

“Since I have been placed at AVHS, I have met many teens that face very hard life situations. One girl is a foster child. She has really opened up to me, and we work hard on her math. I believe she will pass the California High School Exit Exam because her attitude about school has changed since we met.”

Laurie Hardwick, YAP Member 2007-09

“In California High School Exit Exam Prep, there is one student who ditched class the first two weeks. Since I’ve been working with him, his attendance has improved. He finds the class boring and below his level, which is why he ditches. The daily goal is challenging him. Usually I allow him to help me lead groups and help his peers by explaining assignments to them when he finishes.”

Raquel Diaz, YAP Member 2007-09


“A community event I really enjoyed was cleaning up Seccombe Lake, because I have passed by that park many times thinking someone should really do something about getting it cleaned up. To be a part of the solution, I was really proud myself.”

Domonique Green, YAP Member 2008-09


“Since I’ve been a part of AmeriCorps and YAP, I have realized I am capable of stepping out of the box and doing great things. I’ve improved my networking skills. I’ve learned the real value of hard work and the personal reward that it comes with.”

Therese Adjivan, YAP Member 2008-09

“The Youth Action Project has been very influential in my decisions in life. After serving one year and being introduced to the power of service, I made plans to commit to the Peace Corps. It is through YAP that I really developed my scope for service. I don’t think my application for the Peace Corps would have been as competitive without YAP.”

Sabrina Marquez, YAP Member 2008-10